WBGT Policy (Wet Bulb)

Towns County Schools

Heat Guidelines For Outdoor Extracurricular Activities



Towns County Schools heat guidelines will align with the GHSA BY-LAW 2.67.  Coaches and/or administrators at Towns County Schools have and use a scientifically approved instrument that measures Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT). Conditions are subject to change during the practice/activity; therefore, measurements are taken at regular intervals throughout the practice/activity. Towns County Schools and coaching staff adjust their practice routines, water breaks, and rest periods to protect the student-athletes and ensure their health, safety, and well-being.  Towns County Schools and coaching staff highly encourage all athletes to prepare themselves with proper acclimation, nutrition, and hydration before and after practice and games.  Student-athletes are also encouraged to alert the coaching staff if they feel abnormal, sick, or are experiencing symptoms of heat related illnesses.


The following table is followed by Towns County Schools and Coaching Staff during extreme heat and humid weather:


UNDER 82 Normal activities – Provide at least 3 separate rest breaks each hour of minimum duration of 3 minutes each during workout.
82.0 – 86.9 Use discretion for intense or prolonged exercise; watch at-risk players carefully;

Provide at least 3 separate rest breaks each hour of a minimum of 4 minutes duration each.

87.0 – 89.9 Maximum practice time is 2 hours.  For Football:  players restricted to helmet, shoulder pads, and shorts during practice.  All protective equipment must be removed for conditioning activities.  For all sports:  Provide at least 4 separate rest breaks each hour of a minimum of 4 minutes each.
90.0 – 92.0 Maximum length of practice is 1 hour, no protective equipment may be worn during practice and there may be no conditioning activities.  There must be 20 minutes of rest breaks provided during the hour of practice.
OVER 92 No outdoor workouts; Cancel exercise; delay practices until cooler WBGT reading occurs.



  1. Rest time should involve both unlimited hydration intake (water or electrolyte drinks) and rest without any activity involved.
  2. For football, helmets should be removed during rest time.
  3. The site of the rest time should be a “cooling zone” and not in direct sunlight.
  4. When the WBGT reading is over 86:
  1. Ice towels and spray bottles filled with ice water should be available at the “cooling zone” to aid the cooling process.
  2. Cold immersion tubs must be available for practices for the benefit of any player showing early signs of heat illness.