Lightning Policy


Towns County Schools

Middle and High

Lightning Safety Guidelines For Outdoor Extracurricular Activities

The Georgia High School Association (GHSA) requires lightning detectors at all outdoor athletic activities. Towns County Schools have set forth a guideline and policy for lightning safety for all outdoor extracurricular activities.

The following policy is followed by Towns County Schools and Coaching Staff during outdoor extracurricular activities:

  • An approved Lightning Detector will be used at all outdoor extracurricular activities.
  • During games, the game manager/administrator will be responsible for lightning detectors.
  • During practice, the head coach will be responsible for lightning detectors.
  • When a lightning detector indicates a dangerous situation where lightning has been detected in the 3-8 mile range or lightning has been spotted, the head coach/game manager will suspend practice/game and all participants will go to a place of safety. Officials will also suspend play if lightning is spotted.

When to resume game/practice/activity will be determined by:

  • Officials/Game Manager/Administrator using NFHS guidelines if the event is a game.
  • Head Coach at practices if:
  1. Lightning detectors have not detected lightning for thirty minutes and
  2. No thunder has been heard for thirty minutes.

**All individuals have the right to leave an athletic site in order to seek a safe structure if the person feels in danger of impending lightning activity without fear of repercussions or penalty from anyone.